Need optometry equipment now Louis Stone is closed? Bondeye Students is here to help

Need optometry equipment now Louis Stone is closed? Bondeye Students is here to help

Whether you are an optometry student or an experienced optician, it is important to know where to go to source the high quality optometry equipment that will enable you to progress your career and do your job properly. Whilst the Louis Stone website previously provided the perfect place to stock up on your optical supplies, their online store is now closed, so you’ll need to start your search here at Bondeye Students instead. 

We are delighted to announce that we have acquired the equipment side of Louis Stone to enable us to continue supporting students and opticians with optometry equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers such as Volk and Oculus.  

Louis Stone optical equipment has long been renowned for its high quality instruments, large inventory and fantastic prices, three things that we are pleased to continue offering to those optometry students and dispensing opticians who are in need of new or replacement optometry equipment. 

As official suppliers of Volk lenses, Oculus trial frames and a range of other important optical instruments, we are well placed to meet the demands of the busy optical industry, so why not browse our online store to find out more? You can save money on our student bundles by building your own optometry set from our choices of Volk lenses, trial frames and Heine ret sets or pick and choose from our full range to get the measuring tools and gauges, diagnosis lenses, lensmeters and retinoscopes you need. 

You can subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with the latest news, special offers and new products from Bondeye Students together with the details of events where we’ll be exhibiting. You can also follow us on Instagram for all of the above and more! If you recently met us at 100% Optical you’ll be familiar with our range and our recently launched website which offers a one stop shop for optometry equipment. 

Start your search for the optical equipment you need today and if you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch with our friendly team who will be more than happy to help. 

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